2018 Updates, Deals and More...

Throughout the first half of 2018, many additions have been made to the Nate’s Custom Baits brand. Below are a few examples of what has been incorporated thus far!


New Online Vendors:

Each of the Hybrid-Skirt Series lures is now available on Amazon. Through this platform, reviews are a big part of product ranking. If you have previously placed an order, leaving a review through Amazon of any lure you have tried is highly appreciated! In addition to Amazon, the full lineup of NCB lures are also available at manmadecustoms.com. This is a great store to shop for quality hand made products from small businesses within the hunting, fishing and outdoorsman industry.


Bulk Orders:

Bulk orders are now offered through the menu item “bulk boxes”. Currently 4 boxes are available, each catering to a different style of fishing. Within each box is 4 levels. With each increasing level (and subsequent number of lures) the discount per lure increases accordingly.


New patterns:

New patterns and sizes are continually being added. Of note, 1 ounce structure jigs are now available per popular request. Patterns such as “medusa” and “midnight gold” are also available. Have a specific color in mind? Send us a message at info@natescustombaits.com and I might be able to create it!

Nate's Custom Baits Hybrid Vibe Medusa     One ounce Nate's Custom Baits structure jig


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