Welcome to my store! I am just up and running and currently have two items (3/8 ounce arkie and 1/2 ounce standup jigs) for sale.  If these two lures sell well I intend to diversify and add different styles, sizes, etc.. I am open to suggestions so feel free to comment on whatever you want to see next!



  • Darren Schoenfeldt

    I like it awesome I can buying this new jigs rig largemouth and smallmouth bass !

  • Vincent Burns

    I’m purchasing some of your Arkie head jigs and standup jigs although my favorite jigs are football heads, so it would be wonderful if you started making custom football head jigs I would love to try them out. Also a brown and orange skirts are a pretty good color
  • Eduardo Gasca

    Bro this is awesome it would be really cool if i can buy some of your baits but right now money is a struggle if i would of bought one of your baits i would review it on youtube but at the time i cant but great job nate :)

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