Looking Forward

    Springtime is fast approaching! Although many of you southern folk have already been hitting the water, us northern boys have still been dealing with frozen waters and cold temperatures. Fortunately this will change soon. With that being said, I figured I would give a run down of what I am planning for this spring and summer. Below are some new lures I have recently added. In addition, I intend on incorporating more color ways and weight sizes over the upcoming months. Stay tuned!


Hybrid Vibe:

     With the popularity the hybrid skirt has been receiving, I wanted to run with this same concept. The Hybrid Vibe blade bait incorporates a buck-tail skirt along with a traditional rubber skirt. This gives is it a very unique look as well as movement in the water. As for the colors, my goal was to create a variety of patterns that could be fished in clear, stained and muddy waters (both natural and bright colors). As with all of my lures, the skirt is hand tied on with thread as opposed to rubber banded.

 Three new hybrid vibe releases laid side by side

 Accent Swim Jig:

   After receiving several requests for a swim jig style bait, I decided to create one with a personal touch. The accent swim jig incorporates a traditional style swim head. When tying the skirt on, however, I left a couple long “accent” strands. This gave the lure a unique flash in the water. These strands also served as a built in trailer, giving it the tail action it needs without the necessity of a soft plastic (which can still be added). As with the hybrid vibe baits, my goal for the color patterns was to provide an array that could be used in any water stain.

 Three new accent stripe swim jig patterns laid side by side


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