With the rise of e-commerce, products are becoming easier and easier to acquire at the click of a button. With that being said, shipping still remains an inconvenience for all parties involved. Too often, companies either over charge or are unnecessarily slow in shipping the product. Much to the dismay of the consumer, their product arrives after a desired time frame.

            These are two areas of concern I have made a PRIORITY to address. First and foremost, shipping rates closely mirror the actual cost of shipping and packaging. I do not significantly upcharge on the price of shipping. In addition, all order over 50$ come with free shipping and handling!

            As for shipping length, I make it a necessity to get ALL orders in the mail same day or next day. As a consumer myself, I am aware of the frustration of not receiving a package until weeks later. All Nate’s Custom Baits packages are sent via USPS first class service and normally arrive anywhere from 2-5 days. Although I cannot guarantee these numbers (USPS occasionally makes mistake, albeit very rare), almost all packages arrive on time. What I can guarantee you, however, is that I will ensure all packages are mailed in a timely fashion on my end.


NOTE: As I stated earlier, packages can get misplaced in transit. If there is ever any question regarding order status, always feel free to send an email to

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