Is a Trailer Necessary?

an NCB Hybrid Vibe paired with a Lake Fork Tackle Magic Shad

When it comes to lure customization, many anglers prefer adding a trailing soft plastic onto the end of their jigs.  This typically comes in the form of crawfish, flukes, grubs, swimbaits and creature baits.  However, because the NCB Hybrid-Skirt design incorporates both bucktail and rubber, a trailing soft plastic is not necessary. This is due to the fact that the two tone skirt provides a robust profile right out of the package.

While trailers are not essential, many anglers still choose to go this route to help further customize their NCB lures.  Here are three of the top trailers we recommend based on feedback from anglers across the country: Lake Fork Tackle "Magic Shad", Missile Baits "D Bomb" and the Yamamoto "Zako".  Pictured above is the Lake Fork Tackle Magic Shad on the back end of a Hybrid Vibe in Black & Blue pattern.

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