Hybrid Vibe Retrieval Methods

Joe Campbell Holding Up a Big Largemouth Bass Caught on an NCB Hybrid Vibe.

 “My retrieve style for the Hybrid Vibe stays fairly consistent year round. However, speed and cadence will vary somewhat based on the season. For instance, during the cooler months I will fish the Hybrid Vibe slower as fish are much less active. As the water warms and fish become more active, I fish the Hybrid Vibe progressively faster. Water clarity is another factor I take into account. I will fish the Hybrid Vibe faster in clear water. When the water starts to muddy I will slow down my retrieve to give the fish more time to react to the lure. Lastly, because of the Hybrid Vibes unique hunting action, imparting any action on the bait with the rod tip is unnecessary. However, I will add some additional slight rod twitches from time to time if the fish do not bite on a steady retrieve.”

- Joe Campbell, South Central PA guide

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  • Thomas V Obermayer

    Do you recommend using a trailer or not on the hybrid vibe

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