Why Fish React to A Vibration Style Lure

A toothy pickerel with an NCB Hybrid Vibe hanging out of its mouth

The NCB Hybrid Vibe and Verti-Vibe are effective lures not only for Bass, but other fish species as well! Whether you are fishing for Musky, Pike, Pickerel, Bowfin, Walleye, Snakehead or any other predatory species, this lure can help elicit a reactionary strike. Here’s why:

The vibrations given off by the Hybrid Vibe/Verti-Vibe are picked up by the lateral line (a sense organ running the sides of the fishes body). This extra sense allows the fish to “feel” the water around them, giving it a greater understanding of its surroundings despite the water conditions. When the fish detects the vibrations of the lure, they perceive it as that of a wounded baitfish. This ability to “feel” the frantic movements of prey with their lateral line is what allows them to successfully hunt in highly stained water (and not starve)! This is also the reason why many expert anglers recommend using vibration lures, such as the Hybrid Vibe, when fishing stained water.

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