Whip Flash

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Combining the “sinewy” motion of bucktail hair with the erratic motion of duo-blades gives this lure a truly unique motion. As a result of the wobbling action given off by the vibrating blade, the trailer blade darts back and forth while maintaining its spin, giving it a "whip like" appearance.  This lure is widely applicable for a variety of fishing scenarios such as targeting aggressive river Smallmouth as well as grass dwelling Largemouth.


  • 100% assembled in the USA
  • Hand painted and heat cured (to minimize chipping) vibration blade 
    • Convex shape designed to elicit an erratic action
  • Individually hand tied bucktail (deer) hair skirt
    • High durability Hairline Uni Thread used to ensure a tight synch
  • 4/0 chemically sharpened Mustad 60 degree hook
  • Stainless steel blade designed to elicit a "whip like" action
  • Size 2 willow leaf trailing blade to create additional "flash"
  • ROSCO, inc. American made stainless steel split ring   
  • High quality pure lead

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