Flash Vibe

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An additional trailing willowleaf blade is added to the NCB best seller, the Hybrid Vibe to create the Flash Vibe.  The trailing blade darts back and forth while maintaining its spin, giving off a "whip" like appearance.

Hybrid Vibe

The Hybrid Vibe vibration blade bait blends together the "sinewy" appearance of buck tail hair with the flare of a rubber skirt to create a unique pulsating action.  This, combined with the built in erratic motion (even when retrieved slow)  and vibration of the lure prove to be a deadly combo for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass as well as many species within the pike family. The Hybrid Vibe can be effective in a wide variety of waterways though it performs best in murky or stained conditions.

Key Features

  • 100% assembled in the USA
  • Hand painted and heat cured (to minimize chipping) vibration blade 
    • Convex shape designed to elicit an erratic action
  • Individually hand tied Hybrid-Skirt
    • High durability Uni Thread used to ensure a tight cinch
  • 4/0 chemically sharpened Mustad hook
  • Size 2 willow leaf blade
  • ROSCO, inc. American Made stainless steel split ring
  • High quality pure lead


** Want the blade left unpainted (stainless steel)? Leave a note in the "instructions for seller" section of the cart page.

** Need suggestions on particular patterns for your specific fishing scenario? We will gladly help! email us at info@natescustombaits.com.

Lead Warning