Hybrid Vibe HD

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The Hybrid Vibe HD, Heavy Duty, is a weedless version of the NCB best seller: the Hybrid Vibe (description below). This lure incorporates a stiff weed guard, helping to better navigate through heavy cover such as wood and vegetation.

Hybrid Vibe

The Hybrid Vibe blends together the sinewy, multi textured appearance of the NCB Hybrid-Skirt together with a vibration style lure. The blade is securely fastened to the jig head via a high quality stainless steel split ring. Since its creation, the split ring to blade connection on the Hybrid Vibe has been continually tweaked and refined (both in specific brand as well as size) to achieve the ideal combination. This constant tinkering has lead to a lure that maintains a straight trajectory without losing its unique darting action. Every few feet, the split ring will graze the side of the eyelet. This results in the lure “kicking” to the side without any action imparted on behalf of the angler. Though you can fish this lure using a variety of styles and cadences, the Hybrid Vibe can draw reactionary strikes from Bass, Pike, Musky and other predatory fish using a steady retrieve. The lure will hunt on its own without any additional rod action.

Key Features

  • 100% assembled in the USA
  • Hand painted and heat cured (to minimize chipping) vibration blade 
  • Individually hand tied Hybrid-Skirt
    • High durability Uni Thread used to ensure a tight cinch
  • 4/0 chemically sharpened Mustad hook
  • American made stainless steel split ring
  • High quality pure lead


** Want the blade left unpainted (stainless steel)? Leave a note on the "special instructions for seller" section of the cart page.

Lead Warning