Run N' Gun Box

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Not sure what specific NCB lures to pickup? We'll help you out! This box is designed for the active angler looking to cover water fast.  Each lure within is capable of covering water at a swift pace while maintaining its desired action. From the dashing movement of the Hybrid Vibe to the frantic motion of the whip flash, each of these baits covers the needs of anglers bored by the thought of "sit and wait" finesse style fishing.  Check out each product description (hyperlinked below) for the full rundown on specific facts and key features unique to every lure within!


Weekend Warrior Pack:

Hybrid Vibe x 3

Flash Vibe x 3

Hybrid Darter x 2

Hybrid-Skirt Swim Jig x 2

+ Optional Free Shipping 

Pro Pack:                                         

Hybrid Vibe x 4                                

Flash Vibe x 4                                   

Hybrid Darter x 4                           

Hybrid-Skirt Swim Jig x 3           

+ Optional Free Shipping            

Tournament Angler Pack:

Hybrid Vibe x 5

Flash Vibe x 5

Hybrid Darter x 5

Hybrid-Skirt Swim Jig x 5

+ Optional Free Shipping


** Color Patterns will be selected based off of customer feedback (what patterns customers have had the most success with) as well as effective patterns per time of year.

** If desired, specific color patterns and sizes can be requested!  The available patterns and sizes for each individual lure can be found under their respective product description.  To request, leave a note in the "special instructions for seller" section on the cart page with your desired lure specifications.  Please ensure that you request colors and size choices that are currently available for each lure.

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