After being routinely disappointed in the longevity and overall quality of mass produced bass lures, I began to hand-tie my own.  Upon posting a few pictures of these creations (namely the Hybrid-Skirt) on social media, a few requests turned into a handful.  What started out as a personal endeavor quickly turned into a small internet business during the fall of 2016.  With the help of many friends, both new and old, business has steadily increased since its inception.  Despite this, the primary focus, high quality products and superior customer service, of Nate's Custom Baits has not (and will not) change.  My goal is to provide new and unique colors and variations of lures that I have not seen on the market.  As a lifelong fisherman myself, I am aware of the importance in finding a lure or pattern that the fish have not seen.  This piece of information has served as the cornerstone for every NCB lure created.


Each and every day I work to better my craft.  For this reason, I am open to any and all questions as well as critical feedback.  I aim to put the fisherman in me above the businessman in me.  My primary goal is to provide fellow fisherman the highest quality lures I can create! You can contact me at the following:

  • Email: info@natescustombaits.com
  • Instagram Direct Message: @nates_custom_baits

Tight lines,


Holding up a nice haul from a fishing tournament on Lake Champlain        A large musky caught while kayak fishing        A large flathead catfish caught while night fishing on the Ohio RIver        Five largemouth bass caught by team Nate's Custom Baits