After being routinely disappointed in the longevity and overall quality of mass produced bass lures, I began to hand-tie my own.  After posting a few pictures on social media, a few requests turned into a handful.  What started out as a personal endeavor quickly turned into a small internet business.  Since this time, word has gotten out and the business has grown.  Despite this, the primary focus, high quality products and superior customer service, of Nate's Custom Baits has not changed.  My goal is to provide new and unique colors and variations of lures that I have not seen on the market.  Each lure is individually hand-tied without the use of a rubber band, thus creating a much tighter skirt that will not fall or rot off.

I am open to any and all questions regarding the lures and am open to feedback.  I put the fisherman in me above the businessman in me.  My primary goal is to provide fellow fisherman the highest quality lures I can create.

Tight lines,





I am happy to answer any and all questions. You can contact me on the following platforms:

>email: info@natescustombaits.com

>instagram DM: @nates_custom_baits