Online Tournament

The NCB Online Tournament is a FREE monthly fishing tournament that is run exclusively through the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.  Everyone is welcome to enter.  To declare entrance, all you must do is repost (Instagram) and share (Facebook) the particular months tournament announcement, issued at the beginning of the month.  In order for your entrance to be accounted for, your profile MUST be public.  Each month the tournament will change.  For instance, one month may be to submit your largest bass, the next may be to submit your three largest bass and the next to submit your largest crappie.  Regardless ALL fish must be caught with an NCB brand Hybrid-Skirt lure.  "Weigh in" will be at 9-9:30pm Eastern Time on the last day of each month. 

Thoroughly read over the following rulebook to understand how to correctly document and submit your catch.

Tournament Rules

October 2018 is the first month of this tournament.  Because of this, there may be some unexpected bumps or clarifications that need to be made along the way. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions as to how the tournament could be improved, send us an email at  We look forward to growing and making this tournament the best possible experience for everyone!  

October Tournament Info

The following ID code must be present within the picture for your submission to be valid (more information available in the rulebook).  You may resize it however you wish so long as it is clear and legible in the picture.  For instance, some have found it best to put the print out in a waterproof fishing license/hunting license holder.

October ID Code