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Not sure what NCB lures to buy? Looking for a variety of lures for  various scenarios? This box has you covered! From the frantic motion of the Hybrid Vibe to the subtle profile of the Hybrid-Skirt Finesse Jig, this box provides a variety of lure styles to cover a plethora of fishing techniques.  Each lure is individually hand tied.


Starter Pack:                                      Weekend Warrior Pack:

Hybrid Vibe x 1                                    Hybrid Vibe x 2

Hybrid-Skirt Finesse Jig x 1           Hybrid Skirt Finesse Jig x 2

Hybrid-Skirt Swim Jig x 1               Hybrid-Skirt Swim Jig x 2

Hybrid-Skirt Casting Jig x 1           Hybrid-Skirt Casting Jig x 2

Whip Flash x 1                                       Whip Flash x 2

Pro Pack:                                              Tournament Angler Pack:

Hybrid Vibe  x 3                                    Hybrid Vibe x 4

Hybrid-Skirt Finesse Jig x 3            Hybrid Skirt Finesse Jig x 4

Hybrid-Skirt Swim Jig x 3                Hybrid-Skirt Swim Jig x 4

Hybrid-Skirt Casting Jig x 3            Hybrid-Skirt Casting Jig x 4

Whip Flash x 3                                        Whip Flash x 4

NCB Logo Decal x 1                             NCB Logo Decal x 1

+ Optional Free Shipping                 + Optional Free Shipping


** Color Patterns will be selected based off of customer feedback (what patterns customers have had the most success with) as well as effective patterns per time of year.

** Specific color patterns and sizes can be requested.  The available patterns and sizes for each individual bait can be found under their respective title in the category "bait shop".  To request, email order number and patterns you would like for each lure to