Hybrid-Skirt Structure Jig

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The Hybrid-Skirt Structure Jig blends together the multi-textured appearance of the NCB Hybrid Skirt with the compact profile of a standup style structure jig.  This lure is particularly effective in and around heavy cover such as weed edges, lay downs, tree roots and lily pads.  The design of the lure allows it to slip into and out of tight spaces more efficiently than less specialized jig heads.

Key Features

  • 100% assembled in the USA
  • Individually hand tied Hybrid-Skirt
    • High durability waxed Uni Thread used to ensure a tight cinch
  • Compact profile to reduce snagging and hangups
  • Chemically sharpened Mustad 60 degree hook
    • 1/2 ounce: 4/0 hook
    • 1 ounce: 6/0 hook


** Need suggestions on particular patterns for your specific fishing scenario? We will gladly help! email us at info@natescustombaits.com.

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