Hybrid Vibe 'HD'

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The Hybrid Vibe 'HD' (Heavy Duty) is a weedless version of the NCB best seller: the Hybrid Vibe. This variation incorporates a stiff weed guard and stout 6/0 Mustad hook, helping to better navigate through heavy cover, swamp, vegetation and other gnarly conditions.

Key Features

  • 100% assembled in the USA
  • 6/0 heavy duty Mustad hook
  • Stiff weed guard
  • Hand painted and heat cured (to minimize chipping) vibration blade 
  • Individually hand tied Hybrid-Skirt
    • Premium NCB Brand bucktail (dyed in shop)
    • Durable, high impact thread used to ensure a tight cinch
  • American made stainless steel split ring
  • High quality pure lead

Want the blade left unpainted to give some extra flash? Click here

Because of the robust profile of the Hybrid-Skirt, a trailer is not necessary. However, if desired, the Hybrid Vibe 'HD' can accommodate a wide variety of soft plastics.

Need suggestions on particular patterns for your specific fishing scenario? We will gladly help! email us at info@natescustombaits.com.

Lead Warning