"Stick It" Hybrid-Skirt, 2 pack

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The "Stick It" Hybrid-Skirt presents a fresh look to traditional soft plastic lure presentations.  This screw in style lure component is designed to be attached to the tail end of a variety of soft plastics such as stick baits, beavers and creature baits.  While most commonly used on a Texas Rig, it can be added to a variety of rigs and presentations to help give the lure a unique profile.  Each "Stick It" Hybrid-Skirt is individually hand tied using high quality, durable thread. When fully screwed in, it will not come undone (the plastic will rip first).  Because of its superior build quality, the "Stick It" Hybrid-Skirt will last the lifespan of many soft plastics.

Key Features

  • 100% assembled in the USA
  • Superior build quality
    • Lasts the lifespan of many soft plastics
  • Individually hand tied Hybrid-Skirt
    • Premium NCB Brand bucktail (dyed in shop)
    • Durable, high impact thread used to ensure a tight cinch
  • Teflon core
  • 1 cm long sturdy screw lock style attachment mechanism
  • Sold in packs of two


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