An NCB Hybrid-Skirt Casting Jig in Green Pumpkin Pattern

The NCB Hybrid-Skirt™

The Hybrid-Skirt lure design blends together bucktail (deer) hair along with a rubber skirt.  The bucktail is first hand tied onto the head of the lure.  A rubber skirt is then overlaid on top, giving a unique multi-textured appearance rarely seen within the industry.  The movement of the bucktail displays a "sinewy" motion, much like the fins and gills of a fish.  This natural hair further works to conceal the hook, helping to mask any unnatural shine given off that may result in fish not biting.  Additionally, the rubber skirt adds an outward flare to the bait, giving the illusion of a stocky appearance while retaining a nimble profile.  Each lure is hand tied with high durability, waxed thread.  No rubber bands are used. 

An NCB Hybrid Vibe in Okeechobee Craw Pattern
NCB underwater series underwater

NCB Underwater Series

Curious to see how our lures look in action?  We have provided a series of underwater videos through our YouTube Channel.  These are designed to help you get a better feel for the action of each lure as well as the various patterns and sizes available. You can access these videos through this link.  Additionally, each underwater lure video is embedded on its respective product page.

*More videos will continue to be added throughout the Spring!

overheard on the water...

When I won the ABA RAM Truck Open, I was throwing the Hybrid Vibe.  After landing 40 fish (at least 12 over three pounds), the lure was still intact.

Anthony Kashiwsky (excerpt from interview)

Amazing service.  Real hand-tied lures custom made. Shipping was cheap and extremely fast. His colors and his vibe are amazing. Great job!

Juan Rojas

Durable products with great action and presentation. They are taking over my jig box as the other brand jigs fall apart or just can't keep up.

Storm Timberlake

Awesome hand tied lures. The gentlemen who runs the business is respectful and awesome at what he does. Whether it's customer service or just simply a talk about bass fishing, he'll take the time to make sure you're taken care of. I highly recommend the Hybrid Vibes!

Paul Davis

When you get them in the mail you are instantly impressed with the colors...I put my faith in the Hybrid Vibe for a local tournament and helped me to catch some of the few bass out of everyone in that tournament

Michael Keef

About The Brand

After being routinely disappointed in the longevity and overall quality of cheaply made, mass produced bass lures, I began to hand tie my own.  Upon posting a few pictures to social media of some experimental lure designs I created (namely the Hybrid-Skirt), a few requests turned into a handful.  What started out as a passion project during my senior year of college at Penn State quickly turned into a burgeoning internet business beginning in the fall of 2016.  With the help of many friends, both new and old, business has steadily increased since its inception.  Despite this, the primary focus, high quality products and superior customer service, of Nate's Custom Baits has not, and will not, change!  I am driven by the idea of creating a product that every customer will find a high level of value in.  

Read more about the company here!

CEO and owner of NCB tying a best seller: the Hybrid Vibe