The NCB Advantage

After being routinely disappointed in the longevity and overall quality of cheaply made, mass produced bass lures, I began to hand tie my own. Upon posting a few pictures to social media of some experimental lure designs I created (namely the Hybrid-Skirt), a few requests turned into a handful. What started out as a passion project during my senior year of college at Penn State quickly turned into a burgeoning internet business beginning in the fall of 2016. With the help of many friends, both new and old, business has steadily increased since its inception. Despite this, the primary focus, high quality products and superior customer service, of Nate's Custom Baits has not, and will not, change! We are driven by the idea of creating a product that every customer will find a high level of value in.

Each bucktail (deer tail) we use is dyed in house, using premium quality dyes. This allows us to have near complete control over the quality of raw materials, ensuring that every lure leaving our shop exceeds industry standards. Additionally, this process also allows us to experiment with various dye shades, creating unique colors that are specifically designed for use in NCB lure patterns.  By further bringing material production in house, we are better able to reach our end goal: a finished product that is second to none in both quality and innovation.

All standard packages are sent via USPS First Class.  We strive to ship every package the same day or next (business day).  From here, standard packages typically arrive within 2-4 days from shipment.  Faster options such as USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express are available at checkout.  As consumers ourselves, we are aware of the disappointment when orders take more than a week to arrive.  Because of this, fast shipping is of the utmost importance to us! 

"My goal is to provide new designs and unique variations of lures to the fishing industry. As a lifelong fisherman myself, I am aware of the importance in finding a lure or pattern that the fish have not seen. This piece of information has served as the cornerstone for every NCB lure that has been and ever will be created. In addition to this, I also draw extensively on my background in Fisheries Science and Management when designing new lures and patterns that will effectively mimic the colors and movement of native forage species throughout North America.” 


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