Hybrid-Skirt Finesse Jig

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The Hybrid-Skirt Finesse Jig blends together the lifelike appearance of the NCB Hybrid-Skirt with a smaller jig head. The front ends of the skirt are cut to reduce excess bulk and create a more sleek, less "in your face" lure.  This allows for a more subtle and realistic descent in the water column. The design of the Hybrid-Skirt Finesse Jig is ideal for clear or highly pressured fisheries as it presents a natural appearance and movement to the fish.

Key Features

  • 100% assembled in the USA
  • Individually hand tied Hybrid-Skirt
    • Premium NCB Brand bucktail (dyed in shop)
    • Durable, high impact thread used to ensure a tight cinch
  • 3/0 chemically sharpened Mustad 60 degree hook
  • High quality pure lead jig head


** Need suggestions on particular patterns for your specific fishing scenario? We will gladly help! email us at info@natescustombaits.com.

Lead Warning

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