Spring Box

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The NCB Spring Box contains a selection of our best selling lures in a variety of red/orange patterns mimicking the color array of freshly molted crawfish.

The total product value of each level is above the cost of the box. For example, the level 1 ($50) box contains roughly $50-$60 worth of lures, the level 2 ($75) box contains roughly $80-$90 and the level 3 ($100) box contains roughly $110-120 worth of lures.

Why are these patterns useful in the Spring? As the weather warms throughout the country, crawfish undergo a yearly molt. During this time, these crawfish, which take on a reddish/orange hue, become the primary target for bass feeding up in preparation for their annual springtime spawn. As a result, many anglers look to orange/brown, orange, whiskey & red patterns to "match the hatch" to what the bass are most likely feeding on.

Note: Due to the built in discount, additional discount codes do not apply to the NCB Boxes.